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Product name: German B + C surge protector
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2019-09-26 Product time: 2019-09-26
V20 lightning arrester imported from Germany is designed according to IEC61312, IEC61643, VDE0675 standards, and is used for Class B lightning protection. This overvoltage protector is especially suitable for TT and IT power grids. Adopt new design, which can meet the requirements of DIN VDE0100 Part534 / A1. German B + C surge protector

product description


German B + C surge protector is a general type of lightning arrester. It is used on branch distribution cabinets in buildings and LED outdoor 380V display.

Screen and so on.

可插拔式部件方便更换、安装便捷; -Pluggable components are easy to replace and install;

保护功能大zui大电流量40KA(8/20)残压; --Protection function is large, the current is 40KA (8/20) residual voltage;

安全可靠选用NPE模块更适用于不同电网制式; -The safe and reliable selection of NPE modules is more suitable for different grid standards;

相关配置:防爆(NPE)模块、声光(AS)报警; --Related configuration: explosion-proof (NPE) module, sound and light (AS) alarm;

由窗口红色标志反映的故障显示 -Fault display reflected by window red sign

German B + C surge protector

Technical Parameters:

standard test

E DIN VDE 0675-6: 1989-11 and -6 / A2: 1996-10



Rated voltage (large continuous working voltage)


Nominal discharge current (8/20)

20 kA

zui large discharge surge current (8/80)

40 kA

Maximum allowable value of continuous current


Lightning pulse current (10/350)


Voltage protection level is 5KA (8/20)


Lightning impulse impulse voltage 1.2 / 50

< 1.5KV

Response time


zui large fuse strength

125A gL / gG

Short circuit current intensity

50KA / 50Hz

Operating temperature

-40 0 C ... + 80 0 C

Module NPE
Nominal voltage UC

C 25-B + C / NPE
230 V / 50-60 HZ

Conductor cross section

zui small 10mm 2 single wire, zui large 35mm 2 multi-stranded wire / 25mm 2 single wire

Mounting brackets

35mm rail according to EN 50 022

Housing material

White reinforced thermoplastic glass fiber material

Protection level

normal type

Standard sizes

4 standard modules DIN 43880

Contains a special varistor circuit, which is composed of a zinc oxide varistor with good non-linear characteristics (?> 30). This enables the lightning arrester to achieve maximum protection even under high-energy overvoltage shock. Its protection level is under 100KA / 10As impact, the residual voltage does not exceed 2kV. Therefore, the lightning arrester can withstand part of the lightning current from direct lightning strikes. When a line overload condition occurs, the circuit breaker inside the lightning arrester will automatically disconnect the failed lightning arrester module from the main circuit, and the color of the display window on the module used to monitor the working status will change from green to red.

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