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Product name: Rail two-in-one lightning arrester
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2019-08-14 Product time: 2019-08-14
Rail two-in-one lightning arrester
It is designed according to IEC and GB standards. It is mainly used for lightning protection (LEMP) protection of various types of high-definition network camera (HDNetwork Camera) power and network signal lines. It is an integrated multi-function surge protector.

product description

Rail two-in-one lightning arrester

1. Large flow capacity: 10KA (8 / 20μS), high-speed response (10 nanoseconds), low loss

2. Power and network lightning protection two-in-one design concept, not occupying space, suitable for monitoring high-definition protection;

3.It can effectively prevent the potential difference between the power supply of the camera, the network and other equipment from increasing momentarily.

4. Two-stage series composite protection is adopted inside, with low residual pressure and long service life;

5. Power surge protection port with LED failure indication (green: normal; off: invalid);

6, using integrated structure, small size, easy wiring, 35mms standard installation is convenient.

Rail two-in-one lightning arrester

1: To prevent unnecessary injuries, the surge protector must be checked before installation. If the surge protector (lightning protector) has any defects, it must not be installed.

2: The surge protector can only be used in compliance with the conditions specified in its technical form. If it exceeds the upper limit of its given value, the surge protector itself may even be damaged by the protective equipment.

3: When installing this protector, you must follow the relevant standards and specifications of the protector. This surge protector must be installed by a professional who has obtained the relevant certificate before the electronic equipment to be protected.

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