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Product name: Lightning protection for medical equipment
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2019-08-13 Product time: 2019-08-13
Lightning protection for medical equipment
According to GB 18802.1 / IEC 61643-1 standards, a well-designed Class I test surge protector (T1 test, Class B) prevents power supply equipment from being damaged by surges and lightning strikes, and has a large lightning current discharge capacity. 10 / 350μs and 8 / 20μs simulated lightning current test, installed in the main power distribution cabinet / box of low voltage cabinet and incoming cabinet.

product description

Lightning protection for medical equipment


1 With working fault indication, optional remote signal alarm function
2 Adopting standard modular design, simple installation and convenient maintenance
3 adopt zui new thermal separation technology to avoid fire;
4 using special impact fuse, with high reliability;
5 Large flow capacity, low residual pressure and fast response time;
6 adopts temperature control protection circuit, built-in thermal protection, automatic disconnection device for short circuit fault;
7 Small leakage current and change rate;
8 can realize Kevin wiring; rigorous structure, easy installation and simple maintenance;
9 The core components are from internationally renowned brands, with excellent performance and stable and reliable work;
10 Exquisite workmanship, can work in harsh environments such as acid, alkali, dust, salt spray and humidity for a long time.

Lightning protection for medical equipment

Product Usage:

Lightning protection modules with a nominal discharge current of 60kA and above are suitable for total power supply lightning protection in important places; Lightning protection modules with a nominal discharge current of 20-40kA are suitable for various power systems (such as UPS power supplies, power supplies in the equipment room, etc.) Lightning protection; Lightning protection modules with nominal discharge currents of 5kA and 10kA are suitable for lightning protection of various equipment power supplies; C + D, B + C power supply lightning protection modules are suitable for power systems that require low limiting voltage Lightning protection. This product is widely used in mobile communication base stations, microwave communication bureaus / stations, telecommunications equipment rooms, industrial plants and mines, civil aviation, finance, securities and other power supply systems, such as various distribution stations, distribution rooms, distribution cabinets, and AC and DC power distribution screens. , Switch box, and other important and vulnerable to lightning strike equipment.

安装说明: ? Installation instructions:

● The power must be cut off before installation. It is strictly forbidden to operate with power on.

● It is recommended to connect a backup protector (SCB) in series at the front of the lightning protection module.

1 、L 2 、L 3 为相线,N为零线,PE为地线,切勿错接。 ● When installing, please connect as shown in the installation diagram, where L 1 , L 2 , and L 3 are phase wires, N is the neutral wire, and PE is the ground wire. Do not connect them incorrectly. After the installation is completed, close the backup protector (SCB) switch and check whether the working status is normal.

安装完毕后(18mm的模块应将模块插到位),检查防雷模块是否正常工作。 After installation (18mm module should be inserted in place), check whether the lightning protection module works normally.

防雷模块在使用期间,应定期检测并查看故障显示窗口状态,当故障显示窗呈红色 (或带遥信的产品遥信端子输出报警信号) 时,表示防雷模块发生故障,应及时维修或更换。 During the use of the lightning protection module, the status of the fault display window should be regularly detected and checked. When the fault display window is red (or the remote signal terminal of the product with remote signaling outputs an alarm signal) , it indicates that the lightning protection module has failed and should be repaired in time Or replace.

● Parallel power lightning protection modules should be installed in parallel (Kevin wiring can also be used). A module with a single width of 36mm can be connected using dual wiring. In general, only one of the two terminals needs to be connected Just fine. The connecting wire needs to be firm and reliable, and short, thick and straight.

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