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Product name: Ethernet surge protection
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2019-07-25 Product time: 2019-07-25
Ethernet surge protection is also called lightning arrester. This product is used on the RJ45 interface of the LPZ2- LPZ3 partition interface to protect 1000M Ethernet computers, servers, switches, routers and other network equipment. Lightning strike or other surge protection for network equipment such as SWITCH, HUB, ROUTER, and computers of Category 6 wiring system.

product description

Ethernet surge protection

Technical characteristics

· 1000M transmission speed, suitable for 1000M network cable.
24 way cabinet type Gigabit network lightning arrester
24 way cabinet type Gigabit network lightning arrester
· Multi-level protection circuit, low residual voltage level;
· Small insertion loss and fast response time;
· Accurate limiting voltage and large current capacity;
· Fine and detailed protection, rigorous structure;
· PCB adopts microstrip design, good isolation and low line interference;
· Integrated 24-channel network signal lightning protection box is standard 19-inch installation;
· Stable performance and reliable work;
· Easy to install and use, no maintenance required.


Installation and wiring:

Lightning arrester is connected in series between the protected equipment and the signal channel;

The input terminal (IN) of the lightning arrester is connected to the signal channel, and the output terminal (OUT) is connected to the protected device and installed next to the protected device.

Reliably connect the grounding cable of the lightning arrester to the grounding bar of the lightning protection system. The shorter the wiring, the better, and the longest cannot exceed 1m.

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