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Compared with PDU lightning protection sockets, ordinary sockets are not only a fraction of a star

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PDU is the power distribution unit. The PDU lightning protection strip is mainly used for power surge protection at the end of the device, and is a D-level power surge protection. Internally set common-mode and differential-mode power surge protection, which is mainly suitable for fine protection of various electrical equipment in a 19-inch cabinet in the computer room, so that the equipment is not damaged by transient overvoltage caused by lightning or operating overvoltage.
Maybe many people are wondering. With so many ordinary sockets, it is convenient and cheap to buy. Why should I buy a PDU lightning protection socket ? The manufacturer tells you that this idea is completely wrong. Compared with the PDU lightning protection socket, the ordinary socket is not just a little bit worse!

PDU Lightning Strip

1. In terms of functions: ordinary sockets only have functions such as power supply overload and general control, and the output of the jack is also very monotonous;
The PDU not only has many functions (with lightning protection function, master control switch, overload protection, current and voltage display, remote monitoring function, smoke temperature and humidity online detection, etc.) but also the format of the output module can be reasonably matched and selected according to the specific situation.
2. In terms of materials: ordinary is generally plastic, while PDU is all metal. If the load is too large, the PDU is fireproof, but ordinary sockets are not.
Because the PDU is a metal case, it has an antistatic function, which protects sensitive electronic equipment from electrostatic hazards and the like. Thereby protecting the stable operation of the equipment.
3. In terms of load power: the cable configuration of ordinary sockets is relatively weak, most of which are rated at 10A; with 1.5mm2 cables, a few manufacturers will nominally 16A4000W, according to the national cable and wire standards, no matter which one With this configuration, the rated carrying power of ordinary sockets is difficult to truly reach more than 4000W. It can be seen that it is difficult to meet the requirements of the growing computer room.
The use of PDUs undoubtedly solves this problem to a large extent, because any one of its components can be customized according to conditions, which can fully meet the safety of the electrical environment of the computer room. At present, industrial plugs are more and more widely used in PDUs, and their current numbers can meet the needs of 16A, 32A, 65A, 125A, and so on. Therefore, it is very wrong to use ordinary non-professional sockets in cabinets.
4. In terms of service life: ordinary sockets are generally 2-3 years. Plug and unplug around 4000-5500,
The PDU socket uses super-conducting metal material-tin (phosphorus) bronze. It has good abrasion resistance and electrical conductivity. When it is energized at full load for one hour, the temperature rise is only 20 degrees, which is far lower than the national standard of 45 degrees, which effectively prevents the components from heating. Hot plugging is more than 10,000, and the service life is up to 10 years, which is more than 5 times that of ordinary sockets.
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