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SSD special disconnector-ensure the safety of power grid and electricity

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The backup protection devices of traditional surge protectors are mostly circuit breakers and fuses. As a backup protection device, circuit breakers are prone to malfunction under the impact of a surge. The surge withstand capability is low. In order to obtain a higher surge withstand capability, the rated current selected will be relatively large, resulting in an unbreakable low short-circuit current. The fuse with the same rated current is more resistant than the circuit breaker. Low capacity, there is also the problem that the rated current will be relatively large.

As a new generation surge protector backup protection device, the SSD special disconnector has strong breaking capacity and higher surge withstand capability. When considering both breaking capacity and surge endurance, its short-circuit operating current is much lower than that of the traditional one. Backup protection device. It can effectively break the low short-circuit current and provide more fine short-circuit protection for the surge protector. The direct effect of using in conjunction with SPD is that the SPD backup protector does not break under the impact of large lightning; after the SPD fails, the small power frequency current flows quickly and breaks to ensure the safety of the power grid and electricity.

SSD Detachment

1. When the power supply has an abnormal transient overvoltage that causes the SPD to conduct a melt-through short circuit, it will cause the power supply to trip and lose power, and in severe cases it will cause a serious fire accident. Installing an external disconnector is capable of quickly responding to SPD short circuit. Disconnect the circuit, here is a special note: the external disconnector must have the ability to interrupt the short-circuit current, otherwise the serious consequences of arc combustion and fire will occur!
2. When the SPD has a lightning current passing through it, the external disconnector will not trip by mistake, so that the lightning protection of electrical equipment is always in an effective state.
3. When the SPD is degraded (experienced by lightning current impact or transient over-voltage impact), which causes the startup voltage to drop below the power supply voltage, the power frequency leakage current will increase rapidly. When this current is only a few amps, the SPD thermal trip will occur. The mechanism can open the circuit. When the current is greater than 10A, the SPD heats up and burns faster than the heat transfer speed. That is to say, the SPD already ignites when the heat transfer has not reached the trip temperature. This external disconnector must cause SPD to catch fire. Before disconnecting the circuit, prevent fire.
Operating environment for SSD
1. Working temperature: -25 ° C to + 70 ° C;
2. Storage temperature: -40 ° C to + 85 ° C;
3. Relative humidity: not more than 95%;
4. Run indoors or in a place where there is no rain or snow.
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