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Dikai technology shines at the 2019 Shenzhen Expo

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From October 28 to 31, the 17th China International Social Public Safety Products Expo (hereinafter referred to as "2019 Shenzhen Expo"), which attracted much attention of the industry, was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.
Shenzhen Dikai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dikai Technology") attended the exhibition as a leader in the lightning protection industry, and showed surge protectors and other products to the audience. Security Exhibition Network, as a professional security network media for exhibition cooperation, was invited to enter Dikai Technology, and hit the wonderful!
Various products show the excellent technology of Dikai Technology
Dikai Technology specializes in the lightning protection industry. Its "Secret DICTATE" lightning protection and grounding cover lightning protection, surge protectors, SCB backup protectors, automatic reclosers and other products.
At the 2019 Anbo, Dikai Technology brought various types of products such as surge protectors, lightning proximity warning systems, and lightning protection online monitoring systems to the audience.
According to on-site staff, when electrical circuits or communication lines suddenly generate peak currents or voltages due to external interference, surge protectors can conduct shunts in a very short time, providing safety protection for monitoring equipment, communication lines, etc. Avoid surge damage to other equipment in the circuit.
Among them, Dikai Technology has developed a special two-in-one surge protector for monitoring in the field of security. As we all know, there are power and network cables in the security camera, and the two-in-one surge protector for monitoring integrates power protection and signal protection, and one device can achieve double protection of the security camera.
The company's strength was recognized by the audience
This year's booth is rich in content. With excellent technical strength and product quality, Dikai Technology has attracted visitors to stop in the exhibition hall. It is understood that Dikai Technology has been honored as one of the top ten Chinese security brands in the mine protection category in 2018, and is also a member of the National Credit Pilot Training Unit and the Credit Construction Working Committee of the China Enterprise Credit Office. The company's business involves communications, transportation, power supply, medical systems, radio and television and other fields, and has accumulated rich experience in computer equipment monitoring, image monitoring and lightning protection engineering in the construction of computer rooms.
This time to participate in the Expo, Dikai Technology's booth from time to time, buyers and visitors came to discuss or inquire, after patient communication of the staff at the site, the visiting guests were "happiness and return with satisfaction."
Concluding remarks: The feast is over and the aftertaste is still there. As the representative of the national lightning protection brand, Dikai Technology showcased its efforts in the field of lightning protection for global customers in Hall 4. Dikai Technology has proposed that the company's lightning protection is only for three things: ensuring personal safety, ensuring equipment safety, and ensuring fire safety. In the future, Dikai Technology will continue to adhere to this belief in order to improve its lightning protection products and solutions. Continue to penetrate industry applications.
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