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Requirements for the safe use of PDU lightning protection strips

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PDU is a power distribution socket for cabinets that we often say. PDU is a product designed to provide power distribution for cabinet-mounted electrical equipment. It has a variety of series specifications with different functions, installation methods, and different combinations of sockets. Power environment provides a suitable rack-mounted power distribution solution.

The PDU lightning protection strip is designed according to the IEC standard. It is specifically designed to protect sensitive single-phase AC-powered sensitive equipment. It is used as the third-level protection of the power supply to protect the equipment from transient overvoltage caused by lightning or electronic interference. damage. This power protection lightning protection device adopts two-stage series linkage protection, Z Chase flow can reach 20kA, voltage protection level can be as low as 800V, input and output are compatible with multi-national standard plugs and various power matching, and it has a recoverable overload protection device to prevent The perfect combination of lightning arrester and power strip. This product is equipped with multiple output jacks, compatible with multi-national plug standards, and can simultaneously protect multiple power sources. It is safe and reliable to use, simple and convenient, and the replaceable lightning protection module is convenient for maintenance and secondary development.
There are requirements for the safe use of PDU lightning protection strips :
1. Plug the power surge protection socket into a power socket (such as a wall socket), and insert the power plug of the protected equipment into the socket row.
3. The ground wire (PE) must be reliably connected to the ground wire of the surge protection system, and the length must be the shortest to achieve a better protection effect.
4. The main power switch should be turned off when installing the ground wire to avoid causing electric shock.
5. Connect the ground wire of the lightning arrester and the metal case of the device to the grounding collective bar.
6. During the use of the surge protector, it should be tested regularly. When the surge protector is working normally, the indicator light will be green, and it will be red after the lightning protection failure. If it fails, it should be repaired or replaced in time to ensure the protected equipment. Safety.
7. Make sure that the L (fire wire) and N (zero wire) inside the front socket are connected to the socket in the correct way. The left side is the N (zero wire) jack and the right is the L (fire wire) jack. .
8. Non-professionals should not disassemble.

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