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Which power lightning arrester is more suitable for home use

Time: 2019-12-18 Views: 570

Which type of power lightning protection device is more suitable for home use, how to choose suitable products for home surge protectors, and home power distribution systems belong to the last level of lightning protection, so they are configured according to the third level of lightning protection.
If you are not very familiar with the three-level lightning protection of the building's power distribution system, you can refer to the previous article: Three-level lightning protection scheme of the power supply
The lightning protection of the power supply system is divided into multiple levels of lightning protection. One building's power distribution system is protected against lightning: the main incoming cabinet is the first level of lightning protection, the second-level lightning protection of the floor distribution cabinet, and the household distribution box Three levels of lightning protection.
Households are single-phase electric systems, so the third-level single-phase lightning arrester can be used for household lightning protection.
The lightning arrester doesn't say much kw, because in the normal state, there is no current through it, and no work is done without current, so there is not much KW!
The main parameters of the lightning arrester are the voltage protection level and discharge current. Household T2 lightning arresters are usually used, the voltage protection level is not greater than 1.5KV, 1.2KV; the discharge current is 10-20KA;
It is necessary to install a lightning arrester for home use. The price of a lightning arrester ranges from tens to hundreds, which can protect the power lines and equipment in the home. There are all kinds of things, so it's a big mistake because of small things.
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