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What are the methods of outdoor lightning protection?

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Thunder and lightning is a meteorological phenomenon of sound, light, and electricity that occurs in the atmosphere. It is mainly reflected within the thundercloud, between thunderclouds, or between the thundercloud and the earth. According to estimates by relevant departments, an average of 2,000 thunderstorms occur every minute in the world, and more than 10,000 people are killed or injured each year due to lightning strikes. Fires and explosions caused by this often occur, which seriously threatens people's lives and property, and endangers them. Great.
Lightning strikes often hit the spires of objects outdoors, so isolated tall trees or buildings are often vulnerable to lightning strikes.
The following rules should be observed outdoors to ensure safety:
1. Do not stay on high-rise platforms during thunderstorms, and it is not advisable to enter isolated sheds and sentry boxes in open spaces outdoors.
2. Keep away from metal objects and electrical equipment such as water pipes and gas pipes exposed from the building.
3. It is not appropriate to avoid thunderstorms under the big tree. If you have to, you must keep a distance of 3 meters from the trunk, squat and close your legs.
4. If there is a sense of ants crawling on the head, neck and hands, and the hair is erected when lightning strikes, it means that a lightning strike will occur, and you should lie on the ground immediately. This can reduce the risk of being struck by lightning and remove the metal worn on your body. Jewelry and issuing cards, necklaces, etc.
5. If there is a thunderstorm outdoors and it is too late to leave the tall objects, you should immediately find some dry insulation on the ground and sit with your feet close together. Do not place your feet on the ground other than the insulation because the water Can conduct electricity.
6. When avoiding thunderstorms outdoors, be careful not to support the ground with your hands, while holding your knees with both hands, and keep your chest close to your knees, and lower your head as much as possible, because the head is more vulnerable to lightning than other parts of the body.
7. When you hear thunder within seconds after seeing lightning, it means that you are in a dangerous environment near thunderstorms. At this time, you should stop walking, put your feet together and squat immediately, do not pull with people, use plastic rain gear , Raincoat, etc.
8. In thunderstorms, it is not advisable to use an umbrella in the wilderness, or to hold badminton rackets, golf sticks, hoees, etc .; it is not advisable to play outdoor sports. Thunderstorms are very dangerous to play golf and football; Stay with the water; it is not advisable to wash clothes, fish, swim, or play by the river.
9. In thunderstorms, it is not advisable to drive a motorcycle, ride a bike, or run wild in the rain, because the larger the body's steps, the greater the voltage and the more likely to hurt people.
10. If you see a high-voltage line broken by lightning in the outdoors, you should be vigilant at this time, because there is a step voltage near the breakpoint of the high-voltage line. People near you should not run at this time, but should put your feet together and jump away from the scene. .
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