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Shenzhen Dikai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) is a professional enterprise engaged in the lightning protection industry. We do lightning protection for only three things: ensuring personal safety, ensuring equipment safety, and ensuring fire safety. The company focuses on the development of new lightning protection technologies, new products, production, services and lightning protection technology consulting services. The company has provided lightning protection engineering design, product installation, inspection and maintenance, and technical consulting services for all sectors of the society, including domestic power, transportation, communications, security, civil aviation, finance, petroleum and petrochemicals, education, radio and television, armaments, and industrial and mining enterprises and institutions. The company has always paid attention to brand building and product quality assurance. "Selec" and "DICTATE" are the company's product brands. Our lightning protection products and grounding products cover direct lightning protection, power line surge protection, and signal line surge. Protection, combined surge protection, SCB backup protector, auto-recloser, lightning protection PDU, lightning proximity warning system, undertake various lightning protection projects, testing, consulting services, product OEM, are domestic lightning protection products ...

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